Virtual Global Data Protection Officer

Our Data Protection Officers are highly trained, commercially aware, and have a global knowledge base. They are more than just experts in the GDPR, they understand the Data Protection laws of more than 80 countries, and we have relationships with more than 160 global (DPA) Regulators.



When you need a knowledgeable professional that has years of experience in Law, Data Protection, Banking, Insurance, Policy, and Governance, you need look no further than our Global Virtual Data Protection Officer service or "DPOaaS".

Virtual Data Protection Officers have become commonplace and serve many small to medium enterprises performing the complex role of Data Protection subject matter experts. Significantly,  our vDPOs are globally aware. Selected from a specially trained pool of ISO-Accredited Global Data Protection Officers. Our Data Protection Officers are globally astute to handle the data protection laws of more than 80 countries. They are awarded the DPO+G/P recognition as more than just GDPR DPOs. They are global practicing Data Protection experts; unique to our DPOs.

Data Protection Officers weren't born with the GDPR, the need for DPO's as a legislative requirement has been around for more than 20 years.

It is a simple reality that the world has caught up with the need for new legislation and regulation. Websites are by nature, a globally accessible medium and source of information, so to your vDPO should be globally trained.

Why use us as your vDPO?

  • Unparalleled Global Knowledge

Our ​Data Protection Officers are skilled in Global Data Protection Law, not just GDPR; but dynamic changing laws. Globally, legislation is continually evolving. New laws enacted and old ones repealed. Our vDPOs are continuously training and using our GDPMS​ GRC, which reflects law changes in "real-time."

  • Multi-Lingual and local knowledge

Our pool of Data Protection Officers can speak your language. Our pool of vDPOs spans the globe. They live in your country, read and write your language and know your local laws and customs.

  • It doesn't cost any more

It doesn't cost you any more​ for additional care and global knowledge. It just means that you will receive a better, more holistic service. There would be nothing worse than engaging a knowledgeable GDPR DPO, only to have an issue arise anywhere else in the world, and not be prepared or know what to do. After all, it's not just GDPR laws that fines apply.

  • Crowd Conscience

Any of our vDPOs can call on any other of our vDPOs for advice, support, or assistance. So you are not getting one vDPO, you are getting a pool of globally trained fully qualified Data Protection Officers.​ All of our vDPO's are qualified to Practitioner level and are required to participate in several learning hours each month to maintain their certifications.

  • Pay-As-You-Go

Do you need a vDPO to work through one issue? Want them to maintain your GRC for an hour each week? Would you like them to regularly help you on a regular on-going engagement for a day a week, or more? We have the right service level for your needs. The more time you need, the cheaper it becomes too.

Send an email to discuss your vDPO needs or

Buy Some vDPO Hours and Get Started Today

Available in 4 X 15 minute blocks.

Use any time within 30-days of the

first consultation.

Ideal for

1 Hour vDPO+G/P

 € 150
  • Addressing Data Protection Issues

  • Assisting with GDPMS - GRC Data Protection checks

  • Consulting about local Data Protection Laws

  • Providing guidance and advise on simple issues

  • Performing a quick Data Protection Health Check-up

  • Working through compliance questions and issues

  • Formulating Commercial Data Protection outcomes

Available in 12 X 15 minute blocks.

Use any time within 90-days of the

first consultation.

Ideal for

3 Hours vDPO+G/P

€ 360
SAVE € 30 per Hour
  • GDPMS - GRC Support

  • Revision of Issues

  • Updating Compliance Registers

  • Providing additional specialist support for Security Incident Management, or Data Subject Requests

  • Modifying Report and Email Templates

Available in 20 X 15 minute blocks.

Use any time within 180-days of the

first consultation.

Ideal for

5 Hours vDPO+G/P

€ 450
SAVE € 60 per Hour
  • Assisting with Agreements for Controllers, Processors and Recipients, NDA's etc.

  • Reviewing Frameworks, Policies, Standards, Processes, Procedures, Work Instructions

  • Assisting with Compliance Task Reviews

  • Preparing Board Reports for Data Protection

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