Exam Bookings

Before you book an Examination, make sure that you have read all the required material and you have sufficiently trained in the topic. Your instructor will assist you in making your booking or you may seek support from the CSSNx Network of practicing professionals.


Before you book your exam

Before you book your examination make sure that you fully understand the topic and that you feel confident about your knowledge. If there are mock-exams do them, so you get a feel for what might be required.

All examination bookings are done against a prepaid coupon. Each coupon may only be used once. Once you have paid for your exam, you will be issued a coupon code that will be used to validate your payment, booking, and examination.

Make sure that you have read and understood the following documents:

Make sure that you have completed the following documents, with your application.

  • Code of Conduct and Practice.

  • Statement By The Applicant.

  • Examination Confidentiality Agreement.

Exam prerequisites
Make sure that you have met any required prerequisites for an examination. For example, if you book your DPO+G and DPO+G/P together, and you fail your DPO+G examination your DPO+G/P will automatically fail and your fee forfeit due to cancellation without appropriate notice.

  • There are NO prerequisites for the Global Data Protection Officer (DPO+G) Foundation Examination.

  • You must hold a valid Global Data Protection Officer (DPO+G) Foundation Certification to sit for the Global Data Protection Practicing Professional (DPO+G/P) Practitioner examination.

  • You must have a webcam to sit for an exam.

Re-Sitting a Failed or Cancelled Exam

You are required to wait for 30-days before re-sitting a failed examination. If you have booked a DPO+G/P before completing your DPO+G certification, you should reschedule your DPO+G/P examination to ensure that you have the appropriate prerequisite certificate before sitting the DPO+G/P examination.

Purchase a Re-examination Coupon Code

Selecting an Examination for Certification Session

Use the time table below to select your examination session. All examination windows open once per month, and you may only select from those sessions available below for the month displayed. If you wish to book for a month other than the month displayed, you will need to come back and select from the schedule on the day following the date displayed below. The times of the session and the dates of the session are posted each month the day after the date below. Until an examination schedule is posted, the dates below are subject to change and considered tentative. You may only sit one examination in on a single day.

Examination Dates for 2019 - 2020

Sunday - 2nd June 2019 |  Sunday - 7th of July 2019 |  Sunday - 1st of August 2019

Sunday - 8th September 2019 |  Sunday - 6th October 2019 | Sunday - 3rd November 2019

Sunday - 8th December 2019 |  Sunday - 12th January 2020 |  Sunday - 2nd February 2020 

Sunday - 1st March 2020 | Sunday - 5th April 2020 | Sunday - 3rd May 2020

Examination for Certification Sessions

Times are displayed in UTC and Your Local Time

(Use this tool to calculate times and time zones)

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