GDPMS Law Search

GDPMS Law Search is a fast search engine system for global data protection and data privacy laws from around the world. Our library is constantly growing and has new content added almost daily and data protection laws evolve.


How to use the GDPMS Law Search System

GDPMS Law Search is a feature of the Global Data Protection Management System (GDPMS). You can use GDPMS Law Search in two ways - Simple Search or Advanced Search. 

Basic Searching | Advanced Searching

Basic Searching

Start by entering the search term that you want to use in the search text box and click the Search button. This will return a ranked order of results from the GDPMS Law Repository.

By default results are returned based on the CONTENT in each file. You may, however, search the filename using either Exact Match or Fuzzy Match. 

Exact Match - the filename will need to be exactly the same as you entered in the Search Text box.

Fuzzy Match - Your search term must only appear somewhere in the filename for the document to return a result.

Advanced Searching

Advanced Searching only works when searching content using the Contains method. To perform an advanced search make sure that the CONTAINS option is selected.


You can use boolean operators to include and exclude words in your search terms using the following rules:

If you use NOT and the document contains both words, the document will me moved down in Ranking. If you use OR and the document contains both words, it will be moved up in the ranking as more relevant.

You can use + and - to include and exclude terms in your search e.g. Reference -Thailand will return all documents with Reference in them as long as they don't contain Thailand. e.g. Thailand +draft will return all documents that contain Thailand and Draft.


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