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GDPMS - Modern Data Protection 

The Global Data Protection Management System (GDPMS) is the most advanced Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) when it comes to delivering enterprise Data Protection Management on a global scale. End-To-End management of Data Subjects, Information Security Policies, Collection Statements, Vendors & Contractors as Controllers and Processors, Data Breach Notification and Record Management are all an integrated part of this system - on a GLOBAL scale.

Data Protection*Services

- Simply, a world of difference!

GDPMS Features


Global Compliance

Efficiently manage your Data Protection efforts against modern Data Protection Laws for more than 80 countries and 162 Regions.

ISO Compliant

Out-of-the-box all of the Frameworks, Policies, Processes and Procedures that you need to get started. Managed compliance efforts with our unique dashboard tools.

Simplified Messages

Our automated Controller, Processor and Recipient messaging systems means that you can easily and compliantly pass instructions to processors or manage instructions from controllers.

Manage & Monitor

Automated and managed Data Protection Impact Assessments and Legitimate Interests Assessment ensure that you are always monitoring Data Subject risk.

Avoid Fines

Protect data subjects with advanced Security Incident Management and data breach notifications. Turn small incidents into harmless events without issues.

Data Management

Know which Applications, process what Personal Data and when and where it's stored. Know who has access to it and how critical it is to the organisation at a glance.


Workflow based fully automated data subject management and request responses allow your organisation to provide a great compliant experience.

Compliant Contracts

Automated Agreement creation and on-going management of agreements with Controllers, Processors and Recipients of Personal Data.

Full Life-cycle

Often overlooked, integrated Record Management of your GDPMS is built in as a core component. It will work away in the background seamlessly

Ready to find out more?

If you are a modern company trying to keep up with the rapidly changing Data Protection laws and landscape, get in contact with us for a FREE no obligation demonstration of the GDPMS - See how simple the process can be to be improve your "Security Maturity" in an instant.


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If you wish to lodge a Data Subject Request regarding our service, our GDPMS ID is UK440000. Only use this code if the request is to be handled by us, that is information we have about you. If you would like to read our Privacy Policy and Collection Statement.










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