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Our Global Data Protection makes a world of difference. Greater than simply the GDPR and the laws of the EU. Our Data Protection Services includes the following Countries and Regions, for Data Breach Notification, Representation, Law Monitoring and Retention Schedules.

Our Global Data Protection Management System is configured for the following Regions.

  • "Laws in GDPMS" - Indicates the Data Protection, Encryption, Electronic Signature and Breach Notification laws (where applicable) are managed automatically by the Global Data Protection Management System (GDPMS) - GRC.

  • "Representation" - Indicates our Data Protection Representation Services extend to this region.

  • "Record Schedules"- Although not applicable in all regions, this indicates if laws regarding Record Retention Schedules (or a suitable substitute) is managed in the GDPMS - GRC. This allows justifiable and accurate calculation for retention periods beyond legitimate use.

  • "vDPO Services" - Virtual DPO Services are not available in every country or region. We don't offer vDPO services where there are custodial sentences under any part of the respective legislation for a particular country. 

IMPORTANT: This data may change at anytime and without notice. Refer to your GDPMS - GRC instance for accurate information regarding the Countries and Regions of specific interest to your organisation.

09-APR-2019 - UPDATE - Nigeria's National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) Issues Nigeria Data Protection Regulation 2019 - The GDPMS will be updated to appropriately manage the Data Protection Regulation as defined.

04-APR-2019 - UPDATE - We are currently watching Ghana, Sri Lanka and Egypt for changes in Data Protection and Privacy Legislation. All changes will be recorded in the GDPMS as appropriate.

03-APR-2019 - UPDATE - Australia proposes tougher fines for data breaches, up to $10M. - It is anticipated that this will take some time to pass through parliament, and if successful, we will update the GDPMS as appropriate.

28-FEB-2019 - UPDATE - Thailand - Personal Data Protection Act - Is passed through government. We will be updating the GDPMS accordingly over the coming months. We will commence vDPO services in the region within 3 months to assist businesses to become compliant.

11-DEC-2018 - UPDATE - Uganda - Data Protection and Privacy Bill 2015 - Added to Multi-Jurisdictional Laws and Regulator Database within GDPMS - GRC.

27-NOV-2018 - UPDATE - Serbia passes "Personal Data Protection Law" and it will come into effect on 21st. of August 2019. Our legal team is already working on the details and what these laws will mean for our customers.

14-OCT-2018 - UPDATE - Pakistan - The Personal Data Protection Bill 2018 has been proposed in the Pakistan Parliament. Once the bill is ratified, we will add it to the GDPMS.

12-JUL-2018 - UPDATE - Bahrain - Data Protection Law (Law No. 30 2018) will come into effect on 1st. of August 2019

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