"The Nexus" (CSSNx)

The Nexus (formally known as Consumer Support & Services Network [CSSNx]) is a unique service that brings our growing pool of talented and qualified Data Protection Experts together with our Clients, Data Subjects, Community Projects (like Advocacy and Whistle-blower) and joins all of this to legal counsel on a multi-lingual globally distributed technology platform for learning, understanding and global compliance with Data Protection Laws.

The Nexus is a convergent initiative from GDPR Forensic Limited that brings all forms of client and customer interaction together with our skilled and knowledgeable Global Data Protection Officers (DPO+G/P) and experts from the talent pool that is only available to Data Protection*Services clients and our Global Data Protection Officer Practitioners (DPO+G/P). We call these experts our Data Protection Professional Crowd  or DPPC for short. 

Bringing together Data Protection issues in real-time using web based chat, telephone calls, email, SMS and social media using intelligent AI into a world of Data Protection, to inform and protect consumers while ensuring that our clients are providing any number of possible information streams to their customers to achieve the best possible data protection outcomes for all concerned in any situation on a global basis as an outsourced model.

The Nexus provides the platform for our Global Data Protection Professionals to communicate and work together to achieve incredible outcomes, handle Data Subject requests in basically any language and in any format, including real-time web chat and a growing number of social media platforms. All of which becomes essential in the event of a data breach, information follow-up and information security management.

With laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) on the horizon (1st January 2020) and requirements like controllers needing to provide toll-free numbers to all Californian Data Subjects, you can probably understand how valuable The Nexus is about to become to a growing number of Clients and Data Subjects alike.

Other unique features in The Nexus such as the Legal Opinion Repository Database (LORD) a system used by large governments to facilitate and capture legal opinions to improve and increase the speed at which legal opinions are obtained, captured and recovered to assist clients who use the Global Data Protection Management System (GDPMS) - GRC in conjunction with our pool of talented DPO+G/P. LORD ensures unparalleled access to the most relevant legal information as quickly as possible and based on our combined group learning; means that our DPO+G/P have access to some of the most advanced systems and services on the planet, we certainly have the broadest coverage and scope on the planet, when it comes to things like applicable laws, languages spoken, Data Subject protection and reach.

The Nexus is available to all our DPO+G/P and clients with Data Subjects in the following countries:

  1. Algeria

  2. Argentina*

  3. Armenia

  4. Austria

  5. Australia

  6. Bahrain

  7. Barbados

  8. Belgium

  9. Benin

  10. Belarus*

  11. Bolivia*

  12. Bosnia & Herzegovina

  13. Brazil

  14. Bulgaria*

  15. Burkina Faso

  16. Cambodia

  17. Canada*

  18. Cayman Islands

  19. Chile

  20. China

  21. Columbia

  22. Costa Rica

  23. Cyprus

  24. Czech Republic

  25. Denmark

  26. Dominican Republic

  27. Ecuador

  28. Egypt*

  29. El Salvador

  30. Estonia

  31. Finland

  32. France

  33. Georgia

  34. Germany

  35. Ghana

  36. Greece*

  37. Grenada

  38. Guatemala

  39. Hong Kong

  40. India*

  41. Indonesia

  42. Ireland

  43. Isle of Man

  44. Israel

  45. Italy*

  46. Jamaica

  47. Japan

  48. Jordan*

  49. Kazakhstan

  50. Kenya

  51. Lithuania

  52. Luxembourg

  53. Macau

  54. Madagascar

  55. Mali

  56. Malta

  57. Malaysia

  58. Mauritius

  59. Mexico*

  60. Moldova

  61. Namibia

  62. New Zealand

  63. Norway*

  64. Nicaragua

  65. Pakistan**

  66. Panama*

  67. Paraguay*

  68. Peru

  69. Philippines

  70. Poland*

  71. Portugal*

  72. Qatar*

  73. Romania*

  74. Saudi Arabia*

  75. Serbia

  76. Singapore

  77. Slovakia*

  78. South Africa

  79. South Korea*

  80. Spain

  81. Sri Lanka

  82. Sudan

  83. Sweden

  84. Switzerland*

  85. Taiwan

  86. Tajikistan

  87. Thailand

  88. Trinidad and Tobago

  89. Tunisia

  90. Turkey

  91. Uganda

  92. Ukraine

  93. United Kingdom

  94. United States (Multiple Regions, Locations and Services)

  95. Uruguay

  96. Venezuela

  97. Vietnam

* Beta Region - This list is subject to change, please consult your Global Data Protection Management System (GDPMS) for more information of The Nexus coverage and locations.

** Provisional Region - Current laws and bills are before parliament. 

To join as a DPO+G/P for the provision of service to clients of "The Nexus" you must be a fully qualified DPO+G/P or equivalent and have entered into an Independent Contractor Master Services Agreement with Data Protection*Services (GDPR Forensic Limited).

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