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Our simplified Information Privacy and Data Protection Services help you manage growing Cyber-threats and Information Security at a global level. We provide Data Protection Services to suit your level of "Security Maturity" from the world's most advanced GRC the Global Data Protection Management System (GDPMS), ISO-Accredited Qualified Virtual global DPOs (DPOaaS), Industry leading Data Breach Services including multi-location Call Centers and operators that speak more than 35 languages with our Full-Service Global Data Protection Representation (for more than just the EU and the GDPR) and Industry leading DPO training for global laws and compliance.

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Our Services

Data Protection Representation

We offer a Global Data Protection Representation Service (Not just EU or GDPR) to suit any type of business large or small. 

Globally aware Virtual DPO's

We provide assistance and support with our fully qualified and certified globally aware Virtual DPO+G/P service.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Our advanced GRC platform, the  GDPMS is the world leader in Data Protection Management.

Security Training & DPO Courses

ISO Accredited Data Privacy and Protection for your company and employees. Learn and become a DPO+G/P.

Insurance & Legal Advisory Services

We can put you in touch with specialist Cyber Threat Insurers & qualified legal advisers to assist and advise.

Global Security Consulting

Would you like to know your "Security Maturity"? Learn simple steps that you can take to sure up your IT.


The GDPMS is awesome – you have everything in one place, it makes perfect logical sense, it’s a fantastic platform, that connects logically and makes it easy for the customer and the DPO! This is the path forward, I am very excited to be a part of this, thank you !!!

Marcus S

Information Security Compliance & Law, Student

Ready to find out more?

We only do Information Privacy and Data Protection. We are the experts. If you need assistance with NIST or ISO Information Security Compliance contact, our expert team.

We don't just focus on the GDPR. We know and understand the Data Protection laws in more than 80 countries. It's our job to know these laws - so you can focus on the things that you do well.

Book a consultation with our Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) and our Senior Global Data Protection Officer (DPO+G). With more than 30 years experience in Information Technology, Law and Big Data with large financial institutions, Insurers, Telcos and large IT Consultancy firms. He is an ISO-Accredited and Certified Security Expert, Senior Global Data Protection Officer, Auditor, and Trainer. He is a professional member of the Association of Record Managers and Administrators (ARMA) International and a professional member of iapp (International Association of Privacy Professionals). Discover more about DPS.


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This form is for general inquiries. If you are emailing about an existing case regarding a client that we represent, please reply to any of the email communications that you may have received from us about your matter. If you want to lodge a data subject request with a client that we represent, please visit the Data Subject Request form. You will need to know the Membership ID of the company that you would like to service your request. This information must be published on the contact page of our members website and in their Privacy Policy or Collection Statement.

If you wish to lodge a Data Subject Request regarding our service, our GDPMS ID is UK440000. Only use this code if the request is to be handled by us, that is information we have about you. If you would like to read our Privacy Policy and Collection Statement.










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